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Eating Disorder Treatment
Houston Counseling by Nicole Leitner, MA, LPC

Eating disorders are potentially life-threatening conditions that affect a person’s emotional and physical health. They can have serious consequences for health, productivity, and relationships.

Treatment for Eating Disorders

The most effective and long-lasting treatment for an eating disorder is counseling, coupled with careful attention to medical and nutritional needs. Nicole tailors this treatment to the individual and addresses both the disordered eating symptoms and the underlying psychological, interpersonal, and cultural forces that are contributing to the eating disorder. Support groups and nutritional counseling are also utilized for most clients.

Food Addiction
Do you keep eating, even when you are not hungry? Recent research suggests the same reward and pleasure centers of the brain that are triggered by addictive drugs are also activated by foods rich in sugar, fat and salt. Similar to people who are addicted to drugs or gambling, people who are addicted to food will continue their behavior despite negative consequences, such as weight gain or damaged relationships.
Goals of treatment include restoring healthy eating patterns, restoring healthy body weight, identifying emotional triggers, developing coping strategies for dealing with stressors and cultivating support systems to maintain long-term recovery.
The Yale Food Addiction Scale can be used to gauge whether a person shows addictive behaviors toward certain foods.
Emotional Eating
Do you find yourself eating more when you are worried or stressed? Does food make you feel safe? Many people turn to food for comfort rather than to satisfy hunger, but when eating is your primary coping mechanism, the real feeling is never addressed. Emotional hunger is not satiated with food and emotional eating usually results in anxiety and guilt due to the unnecessary calories consumed.
Steps you can take to overcome emotional eating include identifying your emotional triggers, finding other ways to feed your feelings, pause and reflect when cravings hit and support your long-term recovery with healthy lifestyle habits.

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