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Counseling and Life Coaching by Nicole Leitner, MA, LPC

Women's Issues

Nicole understands the tremendous stress related to managing a family, career and your own well-being. She offers counseling for parenting, stress management, work-life balance, body-image issues, self-esteem issues and other concerns inherent to women.
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Nicole will help you explore the history of your addiction, develop a treatment plan for avoiding use and guide you to a healthier, more satisfying life.  
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When working with clients struggling with anxiety, Nicole often uses Exposure Therapy to gradually expose clients to the situations they fear and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to change distorted thought patterns that underlie the condition.
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If depression is interfering with your every day life, help is available. Nicole will teach you skills to manage your depression and set goals for positive change.
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Trauma-focused therapy begins by establishing trust and providing a safe environment for the client to explore traumatic events. If you've experienced an extraordinarily stressful event that has shattered your sense of security, Nicole will help you disconnect from the trauma and reconnect with family, friends and society.
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Nicole Leitner, MA
Licensed Professional Counselor
Certified Clinical Trauma Professional
Leitner Counseling
3730 Kirby Drive, Suite 204
Houston, TX 77098
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